Singer/songwriter/guitarist Jason Herndon is a Roots Rock, Americana, Alternative artist. Born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, his first recollection of music was at an early age when he was exposed to 60's and 70's Country and Rock-N-Roll by way of his grandparents tube hi-fi console stereo/ turntable. Shortly after that, Herndon began raiding the record collections of his friends and family members where he discovered, what is by today's standards, classic rock. Herndon’s music doesn’t mirror any particular artists or styles, but there is a thread of influence that ties them all together. Jason’s live shows include original material that spans the distance from tender, heart-wrenching ballads to raucous, fretboard-burning rockers. Renowned record producer Fred Mollin describes, Jason Herndon as “A true American storyteller. Like a young Kristofferson with a touch of Faulkner“.